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Motion Invest Review: From My Personal Experience

motion invest review

From the marketplaces available to purchase a website, Motion Invest is one of the most accessible. In this Motion Invest review; find out what kind of sites are available for purchase and which type of buyers this marketplace suits.

After making my own purchase through Motion Invest, I’ll review the process and how it compares to other online marketplaces such as Flippa.

If you decide Motion Invest is for you after this review, go ahead and get started below.

What is Motion Invest?

Motion Invest is an online marketplace created for entrepreneurs to easily search and filter to buy and sell websites. My best analogy is always to think of buying and selling websites like owning a piece of digital real estate. Motion Invest facilitates this process and through this analogy, would be the equivalent of Zillow which caters to actual physical real estate.

What Kind of Websites are Available for Sale on Motion Invest?

Unlike other marketplaces that also list E-commerce and drop shipping businesses; Motion Invest caters specifically to content websites. This category of website primarily includes blogs and review sites.

The sites available for sale on Motion Invest also target new and intermediate buyers. The range of blogs available include starter sites with little to no traffic and popular blogging brands that receive millions of visitors per month. In my experience, the average listing (for sale) price is between $5,000 and $10,000. Starter sites begin at the low range of $1,000 or less while more established sites are listed for $40,000 and above.

How to Buy a Website on Motion Invest?

Motion Invest is free for anyone to sign up.

What I appreciate about the buying process with Motion Invest is that they include a very clean listing page outlining all of their websites currently available for sale. They sort their listings by date and show basic information such as Asking Price, Visitors per Month, and current form of Monetization.

buying a website on motion invest

From this page, you can click ‘View Listing.’ This will allow you to drill into each site for sale to view critical information such as verified traffic data from Google Analytics, Proof of Income, and an FAQ with the Seller. You can even chat with the Seller if you have questions.

Finally, when you are ready to purchase a site, select ‘Submit an Offer.’

Once your offer is approved and accepted, Motion Invest has a support team that will facilitate handling the transfer of the domain ownership and all site files, as well as final payment.

Pros & Cons of Motion Invest Review

To keep my review of Motion Invest fair, I’d like to include the Pros and Cons of my buying experience. Please note, I have only purchased through Motion Invest one time and my purchase price was roughly $11,000.

Pros of Motion Invest

  • Easy, beginner friendly purchasing experience
  • Support from the Motion Invest team throughout the entire process is extremely helpful
  • Websites for sale are already vetted for quality
  • Payments handled by Motion Invest to ensure they are secure
  • Sites available for sale are at a lower purchasing point, perfect for intermediate buyers

Cons of Motion Invest

  • Since most sites available for sale are more affordable, you will struggle to find larger investment opportunities
  • While Motion Invest offers support, they are a small company so not always timely. I ended up completing my purchase communicating directly with the buyer

Motion Invest vs Flippa

While there are several other online marketplaces, Flippa is the juggernaut in this space. As such, I thought it would be worthwhile to perform a quick comparison of Motion Invest vs Flippa when buying a new blog or website.

Quality of SitesSupportSelection of WebsitesSearch FiltersPricing
Motion InvestHigh quality vetted sitesYesLimited YesFree
FlippaSites are not vettedNoHuge selectionYesFree

Would I Recommend Motion Invest?

In conclusion, I do absolutely recommend purchasing through Motion Invest. I believe their user friendly interface, support, and thorough vetting of site quality make it easy for anyone to find a quality blog here. If Motion Invest or Flippa don’t work for you, check out Empire Flippers for large scale businesses.

I hope you find this review of Motion Invest helpful.

motion invest review

Begin your blogging journey today!


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